This is a link to the player's guide to Varisia (the nation we're adventuring inside), with brief details on the region, the major towns, and some NPCs. The bulk of this guide is how the different races live in the region, with info about the different gods/faiths, and unique local equipment.

This secondary guide gives a big more info on the details of the region and the local towns and cities. It also contains available traits.

I'd like to stick w/the core rulebook for this adventure, at least for a while as we familiarize ourselves w/the new rule system, and maybe permanently. Including the splat books seems like too much variance when we'll already have a new system for many in the party. If that's okay, what I mean by that is we'd build our characters based on all the info/base races and classes/items under the "Core Rulebook" header only.

Pathfinder Core Rulebook pdf (not sure how long this link will be good):

Many player-created maps for various D&D adventures:

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