Vigilant Ventures Members

The newly founded mercenary company of Vigilant Ventures has been hiring some talent in their home city of Magnimar.

Lock was sold as an indentured slave by his parents as a child to a human organization that managed farms and various trade skills. He worships the orc goddess of healing, Luthic. Lock learned his faith from the older orc women working on the farms with him. Lock has been released on his 30th birthday and is looking forward to working to himself. Lock hasn't been back in Magnimar too long since finally being freed. Often in Lowcleft, he hangs out at the Gilded Cage (and is friends with Jayleen "Morning Dove" Mordove) or at The Fancy Reefclaw (and has befriended Golliver Haskinswurth). He's also fond of spending his gold on trips to the Triodea in Starsilver Plaza, and sometimes to the Rose and Rake; he loves the shows.

Enemies: Vert Klydus at the Dreaming Dryad. Vert's drug "Midnight Milk" led to the death of one of Lock's good friends.

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