Sandpoint is known as the 'Light of the Lost Coast' and is a small town in south-western Varisia under the influence of the city of Magnimar to its south. Having grown considerably in the past few years, it is now Varisia's sixth-largest settlement.

Nation: Varisia
Region: Magnimar
Population: 1,240, small town
Govt: Autocracy (mayor)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Leader: Mayor Kendra Deverin


Resting in a natural cove along the cliff-lined Lost Coast region of Varisia, on the edge of the Varisian Gulf, Sandpoint is a medium-sized town that exemplifies the varied people of the land. While only about fifty miles northeast of the city of Magnimar, and technically under its rule, Sandpoint benefits from its isolated location in its ability to remain fairly autonomous. The most notable feature of the town is the ruined lighthouse, the Old Light, that stretches high above the coastal bluffs, a testament to the ancient empire of Thassilon which existed here centuries before the current town was settled.



Though Sandpoint is a relatively new settlement, it has had its fair share of notable events in its short history. From the violent nature of its founding to the "late unpleasantness" of 4702 AR, to the goblin and giant attacks of 4707 AR, this quaint town is no stranger to the same (if not worse) terrors that plague larger, more dangerous cities.

Four powerful families from Magnimar had designs on settling the region where Sandpoint now stands, and rather than work against each other, they consolidated their efforts and formed the Sandpoint Mercantile League. These four families, the Kaijitsu (glassmakers and jewelers), the Valdemars (shipbuilders and carpenters), the Scarnettis (loggers and millers), and the Deverins (farmers and brewers), sailed north in 4666 AR to claim their land after securing the rights from the Magnimar Charterhouse. Yet when they arrived, they found the place already settled by a particularly large tribe of Varisians, who held the region as a traditional place to spend the winter.

Unwilling to change course, the Sandpoint Mercantile League began a series of talks with the Varisians, promising them an important place in the new township. Unfortunately, after a week of talks seemed to go nowhere, an impatient man named Alamon Scarnetti took matters into his own hands. Rounding up a group of his brothers and cousins, the Scarnettis mounted a murderous raid on the Varisian camp, intending to kill them all and leave evidence implicating local goblins for the deed. Yet the Scarnettis, too drunk and overconfident, only managed to kill five Varisians before they were themselves forced to flee, leaving behind three of their own. The incident caused a several-month delay, but eventually amends were made and the town of Sandpoint was born.

The Late Unpleasantness
The most notable events in the short history of Sandpoint occurred in the winter of 4702, and are referred to locally as "the late unpleasantness." The people of Sandpoint would prefer to put the unsavory disasters behind them, but five years is not long enough to fully forget these events. Within the course of only a few years, a string of murders by a ruthless killer known as "Chopper" and a great fire which destroyed the iconic chapel and many of the surrounding buildings ravaged the town both physically and emotionally. A grand cathedral has since been built and the people of Sandpoint are finally optimistic about their future.


While technically a holding of Magnimar, Sandpoint's isolated nature provides a sizeable amount of independence. The town is governed by a mayor (currently Kendra Deverin) but the four founding families of Sandpoint still hold considerable influence, if not politically, then economically.


The inhabitants of Sandpoint are primarily human, but like any civilized population center, a smattering of other races can be found throughout the area. The human population is fairly evenly divided between those of both Varisian and Chelaxian descent, and the number of Shoanti making the town their home has increased steadily over the years. Notable personages of the town include Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, and the heads of the other three noble families, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Titus Scarnetti and Ethram Valdemar.

Notable Locations

For a relatively small town, Sandpoint offers a wide variety of services and interesting locations. In addition to a local Cathedral, Garrison, and Town Hall, the community boasts over half a dozen inns and taverns, a local theater, the Sandpoint Glassworks, and a fair selection of other businesses.

Kaye Tesarani The Pixie's Kitten
Located on the corner of Salmon Street and Razor Street, the Pixie's Kitten is the town's brothel. Owned and run by Kaye Tesarani, it is generally a distinguished and well-run establishment which offers generously compensated women and men for the townfolk's more carnal needs. The brothel employs three large Shoanti men as bodyguards and bouncers who generally have no problem keeping the peace and dealing with malcontents.
Kaijitsu family Sandpoint Glassworks
Sandpoint Glassworks is one of the oldest industries in Sandpoint, dating back to 4665 AR, when the Kaijitsu family was one of Sandpoint's co-founders who had organized in the Sandpoint Mercantile League. With methods learned and refined in Tian Xia, the Sandpoint Glassworks are widely renowned for the high quality of their products which are even demanded outside of Varisia's boundaries. The Glassworks is a large stone-building combining the actual factory with a shop in which potential customers can take a look at the wares before buying them. If operating, large plumes of smoke come out of the massive furnace chimney.
Mayor Kendra Deverin Sandpoint Town Hall
The Sandpoint Town Hall is a large, two-story building which can be found at the intersection of Main Street and Tower Street. The ground floor consists of the large town meeting hall, which hosts the infrequent, and generally poorly-attended town meetings. It is designed to be able to accommodate all of Sandpoint's adult community, but in recent years meetings have been less than half-full. The top floor is made up of storage rooms and offices for civil officials, the chief of which, of course, is that of Mayor Kendra Deverin. The basement holds Sandpoint's bank, which has been located there for decades.
Niska Mvashti Madame Mvashti's House
Located on Festival Street just north of the Sandpoint Market, this large, rambling manor house is the home of the Varisian elder of the town, Niska Mvashti. Known generally as Madame Mvashti, she has lived here ever since the founding of Sandpoint some 40 years ago. An accomplished Harrow reader, she is a respected oracle for the local community.
Aliver "Pillbug" Podiker The Pillbug's Pantry
The Pillbug's Pantry is a well-disguised shop located in Tanglefoot Alley. Squeezed in between two tenements, it is indistinguishable from its neighbors, except for a small painting of a pillbug sitting in a mushroom. The proprietor Aliver "Pillbug" Podiker is known for making potions and other herbal tonics.
Risa Magravi Risa's Place
Risa's Place is an out of the way tavern located on Undercliff Way. Although the Varisian sorceress Risa Magravi still owns this establishment, she is now old and blind and leaves the running of it to her children Besk, Lanalee, and Vodger. Customers come for Risa's telling of myths and legends as well as her delicious spiced potatoes and cider. Those who frequent the tavern also appreciate that its off-the-beaten-track location generally keeps away strangers.
Larz Rovanky Rovanky Tannery
The Rovanky Tannery can be found on the eastern edge of Sandpoint on Undercliff Way, on the banks of the Turandarok River. Owned and operated by the workaholic tanner Larz Rovanky, it produces leathers of high quality. Orders can sometimes take longer to complete than planned, as Rovanky tends to obsess about the smallest detail in his pursuit of perfection.
Hayliss Korvaski Sandpoint Boutique
The Sandpoint Boutique is a small shop located on the corners of Salmon Street and Market Street in Sandpoint. It sells all manner of items including clothing, toys, weapons, tools, and artwork, mostly of Varisian origin. The store is owned and run by Hayliss Korvaski, a Varisian woman who has a distinct dislike for the Scarnetti family in town. She has gone so far as to overcharge members of the family, despite Mayor Deverin's repeated objections.
Sandpoint Bridge
Sandpoint Bridge is the southernmost bridge in Sandpoint, crossing the Turandarok River. Its terminus in town is next to the Two Knight Brewery. On the other side, it meets with the Lost Coast Road and, just a few hundred feet later, Schooner Gulch Road, which connects to the residences of the four founding families: Deverin Manor, Kaijitsu Manor, Scarnetti Manor, and Valdemar Manor.
Ibor Thorn Sandpoint Lumber Mill
The Sandpoint Lumber Mill is located on River Street on the banks of the Turandarok River in the town of Sandpoint. It is owned by the wealthy Scarnetti family who controls Sandpoint's lumber industry, and was one of the first buildings built during the founding of the town. The mill is run by Ibor Thorn and aided by his young partner Banny Harker.
Chod Bevuk Sandpoint Meat Market
The Sandpoint Meat Market can be found facing the market square, between Mud Street and Market Street, and across from the Sandpoint Harbor. Run by the butcher Chod Bevuk, the building is divided into a storefront facing the street and a slaughterhouse in the back. Almost all of the animals brought here come from local farms, or are caught in the wild by hunters. Chod has got an inclination to lying and exaggerating in all matters not relating to his business.
Sir Jasper Korvaski Sandpoint Mercantile League
Today, the founding families still hold noble titles in Sandpoint as well as some level of power in Magnimar itself. The Sandpoint Mercantile League maintains an all-purpose building in the Capital District, where citizens and travelers can perform a number of business matters. Whether one needs to book passage on a ship, arrange for a caravan to take goods to other parts of Varisia, or get a title or charter for a new real estate purchase or business venture. The four noble families are no longer involved in the day-to-day workings of the league, though they maintain equal parts ownership of it, leaving the administration and organization of the company to Sir Jasper Korvaski, a retired paladin of Abadar.
Alma Avertin Sandpoint Savories
The Sandpoint Savories is Sandpoint's bakery owned by the Avertin family. Alma Avertin is the mother of former town sheriff Casp Avertin, the Chopper's last victim and predecessor to Belor Hemlock. The twin daughters Arika and Aneka help Alma to run the business.
Belven Valdemar Sandpoint Shipyard
The Sandpoint Shipyard is located on Sandpoint Harbor at the corner of Hook Street and Whisker Street. The side of the long building facing the water is completely open, allowing numerous shipwrights, ropemakers, and sailmakers to work on one of three dry docks there. The business is owned by one of the founding families of Sandpoint, the Valdemars, and Belven Valdemar oversees the nearly constant work there. Belven, oldest son of house head Ethram Valdemar, despite being handsome and eligible, prefers being dedicated to the shipyard instead of pursuing the numerous ladies vying for his attention.
Savah Bevaniky Savah's Armory
Savah's Armory, owned and run by Savah Bevaniky, can be found on Tower Street in Sandpoint. It sells many types of armor and weapons, including well-made items and exotic weapons such as spiked chains, shuriken, and a magical repeating crossbow. The building was damaged during the Sandpoint Fire of 4702 AR, but thanks to Bevaniky's quick work, it did not cause any irreparable damage.
Courrin Whesterwill Scarnetti Mill
The Scarnetti Mill is located on River Road on the Turandarok River in Sandpoint, is a grain mill operated by Courrin Whesterwill (a perpetually worried and sneezy man) on behalf of the noble Scarnetti family.
Schooner Gulch Road
Schooner Gulch Road branches out from the Lost Coast Road just a few hundred feet away from the Sandpoint Bridge. It runs up a bluff to the residences of Sandpoint's four founding families: Deverin Manor, Kaijitsu Manor, Scarnetti Manor, and Valdemar Manor.
Tanner's Bridge
Tanner's Bridge is the northernmost bridge in Sandpoint, crossing the Mill Pond. Its terminus in town is next to the Rovanky Tannery.
Gaven Deverin Two Knight Brewery
Located on River Street on the banks of the Turandarok River, Two Knight Brewery is the supplier of most of the mead, ale, and rum consumed in Sandpoint. The brewery was founded by the brothers Wade and Gaven Deverin, who also happen to be cousins of Mayor Deverin, during the founding of the town. Sadly, Wade was murdered by Chopper during the Late Unpleasantness of 4702 AR. Many say that his brother has yet to fully recover from this tragedy, and that his spirits have never tasted the same since.
Turch Sterglus Valdemar Fishmarket
Located adjacent to the Sandpoint Market on one side and Sandpoint Harbor on the other, the Valdemar Fishmarket is the source for the best fresh fish in town. Owned by the Valdemar family, it is run by the retired fisherman Turch Sterglus with the help of his five sons. A long building open to the air, it sells whatever the local fishermen bring in that morning, generally a combination of cod, salmon, tuna, or shellfish. Turch plays the part of the grumpy old shopkeep, but ends each transaction with a smile and wink. Most locals treat Turch as the actual owner and often tip him a few coins. He has five industrious and smart sons.
Rynshinn Povalli Vernah's Fine Clothing
Vernah's Fine Clothing is a clothing shop located on Mud Street in southeastern Sandpoint. It is operated by Rynshinn Povalli, Vernah Povalli's half-elven daughter. Vernah herself was killed during Chopper's murderous killing spree in 4702 AR. Thanks to many generous donations by townsfolk following Vernah's death, Rynshinn has been able to greatly expand the store, and even founded a guild of tailors, quilters, seamstresses, and other crafters.
Bilivar Wheen Wheen's Wagons
Found on the corner of Cog Street and Mud Lane near the Turandarok River in Sandpoint, Wheen's Wagons is owned by the wheelwright Bilivar Wheen. The shop has seen better times and looks a bit run down, a reflection of the owner's temperament these days. Wheen lost his daughter Tanethia in 4706 AR when she drowned in the nearby Mill Pond, and has never been the same. He now spends much of the day in the local taverns, especially the Hagfish, and has been talking of packing up the rest of his family and leaving town.
The Old Light
The Old Light is the most visible landmark of the western Varisian town of Sandpoint. It is believed to have been a lighthouse during the ancient Thassilonian empire, though much of the structure has crumbled over the ages.
Chopper's Isle
Chopper's Isle, a small tidal island just north of Sandpoint's Old Light, is also known as Stoot's Rock, from the name of its first, last, and only resident, Jervas Stoot. After Stoot was outed as the mass-murdering Chopper, the citizens of Sandpoint ripped out the stairs that had been built for Stoot years earlier and burned his house down. Today, steep cliffs must be climbed to get on or off the island.

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